Thursday, March 23, 2017

Polyester, the Petroleum product in EVERYTHING. Part II

Last post we talked about Polyester and a little bit how it's made and how it comes from Petroleum. This post we're going to talk about what Polyester is in. And boy, is it a lot of stuff.

First, Polyester is in clothes. A lot of clothes. You know those Nike shorts you have? Polyester.

And what are you playing wearing your Nike shorts? Maybe it's soccer.

Which is partially made of Polyester.

Or Basketball.

Which is also partially made of polyester.

Fine, you've had enough of ball related sports. You want to go waterskiing!

That lifejacket though?


And the rope pulling you?


We won't even talk about how the Skiis are also a petro-product.

But you've had enough of these sports that use petrochemicals. You're going home!

But wait, you're seatbelt!

Also polyester.

The drapes in your house,

Okay, you're leaving, you're skipping town. Away from all the plastic, you're going to the forest!

But your tent, polyester. Your towels. Polyester. Much of your clothes. Polyester. Your fishing pole is made of plastic. Your underwear is a polyester cotton blend. Your blankets, your pillows, your sleeping bag. Polyester.

Finally, you run naked into the forest. Away from all the petro-products.

Really, that's all you can do to escape it. It's EVERYWHERE. What does this highlight? The need for research into petrochemical alternatives. Petroleum has INVADED our lives. We won't reduce our oil dependency without reducing our petrochemical dependency. Reducing our automobile usage is not enough!

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  1. Wonderful, witty and hilarous - and spot on the truth. Great post, thanks!