Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Oil in Makeup: No, It's Not the "Good" Kind

There are tons of products that are lurking in your bathroom made with oils or natural gas. Is it weird to think that’s the stuff that you’ve been putting on your face? Daily? It’s more than weird it’s a little unnerving! In the United States, people spend billions of dollars (nearly $9 billion or so) on cosmetics so you would think people are only putting the best products on their faces with the best ingredients. The truth of the matter is not every product is made equal. Sometimes the splurge at Nordstrom is worth it but sometimes it isn’t when your liquid makeup has the exact same ingredients as the one you bought from Target. The key factor here is petroleum though. Both the Nordstrom product and Target may be the same ingredients-wise but I would suggest going for neither if the ingredients list says it contains oil. There are tons of products that say “oil-free” but if that doesn’t convince you, keep reading to know more about what it can do to your skin!

For those of us out there who do not have perfect skin that’s smooth and poreless, we know what it’s like to have an occasional pimple or two. Acne is a skin problem that many people have to deal with and not only is it a physical ailment, it can have a large effect on a person’s self esteem. So when caring for acne-prone skin a person should use a product that doesn’t have ingredients that will clog their pores and lead to more breakouts.

Stay away from products that contain mineral oil if you have acne-prone skin! Mineral oil is a byproduct of petroleum and that’s usually what’s listed in the ingredients of either moisturizer or foundation makeup products. (Like the makeup product pictured above has it!)

Contact acne “acne venenata” can be caused by products that contain mineral oil. Contact acne is when certain cosmetics have been shown to produce comedo formation and this has been seen in lab tests on animals.  So, with that being said, products containing mineral oil can clog pores as it is often comedogenic.


Overall, there are many cosmetics and skincare products that are made with mineral oil and it can clog pores leading to acne problems. The bright side of it all is that you don’t have to use them! There are also many companies who are transparent about their products as well as their ethics. Be aware as a consumer and always check the ingredients list. Your health matters, skin included!


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