Friday, March 17, 2017

Petroleum - A Lifesaver?

Could petroleum be the cure to cancer?

For all the furor surrounding the devastation and dangers, both hidden and apparent, that the oil industry presents us with, it's easy to forget just how pivotal a part it plays in helping us in our everyday lives. On this site, you can find a multitude of posts highlighting the benefits that the oil industry has provided us with, but perhaps none are as important as the advances it has allowed in medicine.


Oxygen masks, antiseptics, syringes, heart valves, artificial limbs - just some of the key tools used every day (if not every minute) worldwide, and a direct result of products made through what the oil industry has provided us with. Even common medication we take when combating everyday illnesses, such as aspirins for when we're plagued with those troublesome headaches, are derived from oil.

So how do we ameliorate this dissonance between recognizing the harm that the oil industry has caused, along with the fact that, through that very same industry, we're provided with vital tools that help us, not just in everyday life, but in surviving and maintaining healthy lives? I think a big step is to not just recognize the far-reaching presence of the oil industry, but then turning to perhaps more ecologically friendly alternatives. Luckily, green technology has become a booming industry itself in the past couple of decades, across a variety of fields, with medicine nestling amongst the largest. Click here, for example, to see ten great examples of green medical devices that can help continue to evolve the health industry while still keeping a green mindset that aims to help sustain our planet.

We can't simply switch off our need for the oil industry, nor should we. Despite the advances in green technology, it will be a very long time before they become a suitable and affordable replacement on a wider scale. However, we can be conscious of what we're using, and if we have a degree of control over our healthcare options, perhaps we can look towards greener pastures (pun intended!).

I highly encourage that next time you're feeling ill or have an appointment at the doctor's, or know someone in that position, to do some quick research for green alternatives to see if there's a good fit. Small steps like that can go a long way, especially if each of us approach these situations with similar mindsets.


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