Thursday, March 16, 2017

Downfalls of Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is used in a lot of cheaper shampoos and conditioners, and are more affordable for low-income families. It is also made from crude oil, which is the same type of oil that can be used in cars. It is made, after crude oil is refined through a process of purification, and can also be used in other cosmetics. While it can be mass produced, and used a lubricant as well, it is very limited in its benefits and can actually prevent hair from growing more.

Mineral oil is also used in Vaseline, and incredibly popular product used for all types of things - babies, lip balm, and so forth. It is a petroleum based product, and also can harm the skin.

It is also used in a lot skincare products, such as moisturizers or lip balm. Baby oil is also completely, made out of mineral oil. It does not provide any nutrients however, and does not help to maintain clear skin. Cell renewal slows down, and collagen breaks down. While it is harmful to have mineral oil applied to your skin or hair, it is also unfortunate that a lot of times, it is in products that can be more affordable, and purchased for those that can only afford these types of products. People in lower income brackets can’t afford to buy expensive skin care or hair care products, and so they end up stuck using these products that cause more harm than good.


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