Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hidden Oil under our feet (Literally)

While we focus on the different petroleum products we consume in our day to day lives, we often don't think about where some of that oil comes from. When we think about oil drilling, the first places that come to our minds are places like the Middle East, or Oil Rigs drilling deep below the ocean, or maybe even Texas.

The idea of drilling for oil seems foreign to us in the Pacific Northwest. That doesn't happen around here.

But a little closer than we may think is the third largest Oil Field in the United States. Where is it exactly? It's not some dry arid environment that we picture when we think of Texas or Middle Eastern oil wells.

It's Los Angeles.

Deep beneath the City of Stars lies hundreds, if not billions, of barrels of oil.

Some Pump Jacks sit right inside residential areas.

Other Pumps are hidden in buildings all over.

Thousands of Oil Jacks, some hidden and some in plain sight, litter Los Angeles, the second most populous metropolitan area in the United States. 

Oil isn't just inside the daily products we use, for many, it's right under their feet. 


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