Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Department of energy considering to add more nuclear waste to Hanford Site

The Hanford nuclear reservation near Richland, WA, which already contains nuclear waste from the original Manhattan project, is being considered by the DOE as the site to add even more Nuclear waste, with a public hearing on May 17th. The biggest issue many activists and the State of Oregon has against this proposal is that the site is already in the process of repairing its underground tanks that have leaked 3/4 of their waste. This is the largest repair and cleanup project in the nation currently.

This article intrigued me because I wasn't aware that we had a nuclear waste site so close to Portland, and with the title of "largest current cleanup". Reading this made this whole issue about nuclear energy and proliferation that much more personal to me, especially because the site is right near the Columbia river. It is scary to think about how much of the material has leaked underground and what effect it might have in the local area. Yet another mark in the "con" column for Nuclear.

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