Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nuclear Power and Natural Disaster

The dangers and risks of nuclear power are never so pronounced as when disaster strikes and we are dealing with these problems.  We have seen this happen in recent history with the tsunami in Japan.  What would happen if something of that nature occurred here in the States?  Well, it could have only a few days ago when the tornado struck Joplin. 
Only 150 miles from that city, lies Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant.  This plant was recently removed from a list of power plants that were in need of more intensive reviews after an inspection last week.  Though the inspection turned up problems relating to the plant's ability to determine problems at a certain level, the plant is no longer among the other plants (H.B. Robinson and Fort Calhoun plants) who are scheduled for more detailed inspections.
The recent inspections were spurred by the events in Japan.  We need to be sure that our nuclear power plants can withstand natural disasters before they happen.  The tornado that recently struck the Midwest left a great deal of damage, but we can at least be thankful that the nuclear plants in the vicinity have been tested to withstand disasters of that magnitude. 

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