Thursday, May 12, 2011

A New Way of Spreading Nuclear Waste

In the south central city of Kennewick, Washington where one of the dirtest nuclear waste facilities in the country is located; has been getting a lot of attention to help clean it up more, which is in progress but will take decades. But until then there was a recent study done to show a way that nuclear waste has affected plants and animals in a way most people wouldn't think.

Paying for a helicopter to oversee the path of rabbit dropping that spanned 13.7 square miles, the federal Department of Energy found amounts of nuclear amissions being released from the rabbits as well as other animals in the area. The article also goes on to say that there have been amounts of nuclear waste found in fish in the Columbia River as well.

It is in fact a different way of nuclear waste not only being transported but also the affects it has on the plants and animals lives in the areas where nuclear waste facilities are located.

~Lindsey Rieger

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