Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Passive Solar House Design

Solar energy falls continuously to the earth and there are a number of ways to use that energy which cost little to implement and reduce not only your costs but your contribution to harmful emissions.
Many of our tips can be utilized on an existing home and if you're building a home or selecting a lot, you're in a great position to make some decisions now that will save you big bucks as long as you live in the home.
Combine simple passive techniques with some energy conservation tips and techniques and you can reduce your energy bill by more than half... permanently.
The cost of making use of passive solar energy when building your home is about the same as if you don't use it, but in the long term a passive solar house will enjoy a more stable indoor temperature saving you thousands of energy dollars without any further effort on your part.

Read more: http://www.solarpowerathome.com/passive-solar-power.html#ixzz1NzxNqqTs

Laura Wilcox

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