Monday, May 30, 2011

The Green Frenzy

Sense the topic of greenhouse gasses and alternative energy has become increasingly popular so has the push and pull of information to do your part in helping. There are sites for companies to redesign and incorporate new policies into their buildings and even daily employees routines. There are sites designed for house holds all across America which describe different actions which can be taken to reduce bills and make houses more energy efficient. There is also a whole new sector of construction called green building which allows you to certify your building to governmental standards of acceptance. I find these trends really interesting and wonder whether they are a reaction to the constant brade of fear about greenhouse gases and their effect on our weather and climate. Or if these trends were produced out of an actual fact based need which has a positive and lasting effect.
  After reading some facts and going off of my own experience I feel that it is a combination of the two option which have brought around this green fever. I feel that house holds are implementing these new features because in the long run it does add up based on savings over time. I do feel that the cost of implementing these new green design features is very expensive and for most families are impractical no matter what the savings. But, people have been very creative in there ways to go around these huge cost. One way is by pooling together in neighborhoods to bring down the cost per house. Also, by hearing first hand accounts from a current builder who said that implementing and building way LEED standards does not allow you to ask for more in rent but does bring value and attracts clients that would not have been interested otherwise. The fact people are constantly hearing issues, news, facts, and solutions that revolve around this subject had pushed them into believing and seeking out information which they feel is relevant and can provide them solutions.  I've attached some links to some interesting web pages which might expand your knowledge of the subjects.

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