Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wind Power VS. Nuclear

I stumbled upon an article in the opinion section of the New York Times which I found a little funny and wanted to share. It compares the energy output of an Oregon Wind Farm (Shepard's Flat Wind Project) to a nuclear reactor in Tennessee (Watts Bar) and the energy output that both can potentially reach. Although it makes a good point that the reactor can have a higher output majority of the time (the wind farm needs wind obviously, but only has that wind power "one-third of the time" making the output lower than the potential it could have if it were running the whole time; I believe the Tennessee Senator who wrote this is defending the fact that reactors can produce more energy and does not address the environmental issues that come with nuclear reactors. I don't believe anyone can argue that nuclear reactors will indeed produce more energy but will argue the negative effects it has on the environment and the people around it.

Read the article and comment if you'd like.

~Lindsey Rieger

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