Friday, May 27, 2011

Simple Method of Dealing With Harmful Radioactive Iodine Discovered

Professor Neil Hyatt from the  University of Sheffield has recently discovered a new, simple way of immobilizing radioactive forms of iodine. The process involves a simple microwave—the kind used in homes—and may reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of iodine in the future. This is important news as iodine-129 has a half-life of more than 15 million years, and is one of the most significant threats in nuclear waste.
It is also important to note that iodine-131 is the harmful gas that was released after the Fukushima incident, and the gas responsible for health issues during the 1950’s open-air testing, and was the same gas emitted during the Chernobyl incident.
Might this discovery lead to safer nuclear energy?
~Erin Bovelle~

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