Friday, June 7, 2013

A Kid's Input

My 9 year old son has been with me when while I've researched topics for this blog. We've been talking about the information shared here (he's a curious one). Today, I asked
him if he had any tips for keeping our "earth healthy" that he would like me to share with readers. He was excited to share his thoughts on keeping the earth clean.

My son, A, would like everyone know there are easy ways to involve the entire family in your efforts at sustainability.
 'A' suggests you take a family walk once in a while and pick up any trash you see. He also wants everyone to remember to always put your own trash into a waste container, and recycle what can be. 'A' suggests families consider participating in walk/bike to school week if your child's school sponsors this event.

'A' has one more piece of input--In Oregon, plastic bags were recently banned, and it costs consumers to have their merchandise packaged in a paper bag from the store. This is in an effort to encourage shoppers to bring their own bags. We ran across a tutorial for making totes out of pet food bags. We buy a lot of pet food, and are excited to see a re-purposing project that uses the bags our pet food comes in.

Here is the Pet Food Bag Tutorial.


  1. A is a smart boy! Picking up litter as a family.
    One note... unfortunately, single-use plastic bags were only banned in Portland and Eugene.... perhaps other towns as well... but they certainly weren't banned in Springfield.
    Meanwhile, I'm checking out the Pet Bag Tutorial!

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial! It looks like your kids will be life-long Eco-conscious people!

  3. It's great that kids can help be "Earth Friendly" too!