Saturday, June 8, 2013

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Image from is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating change around the world with access to drinking water.  The organization realizes that charity can only go so far. It also realizes that those who are directly impacted may shed the most knowledge on the needs of the community. attempts to bring those two strategies together, empowering communities to make changes for themselves.  

WaterCredit is one of's programs that gives people in need access to micro financing institutions who can provide a small loan that allows communities and households the opportunity to create their own access to water.  There are areas in the world that may have a source of water, but people may have to travel hours to collect it, only to have to carry it miles home. This creates a disruption in daily life that may bring parents away from work or children away from school.  

The image below is taken from a video from GiveMor, another organization promoting awareness.  The image shows a young woman carrying water, meanwhile neglecting the reading, writing, work, or parenting.  It's a simple idea, but very powerful and illustrates daily life in other cultures, and what others give up just to have a gallon of water.

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It's a shame that these initiatives do not get more attention...

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