Friday, June 7, 2013

Sometimes the answer is in our hands, and we don’t even know it.


Everybody wants to live a long healthy life. We look for products that can bring us more protection from germs and bacteria. These products we use for personal care are loaded with  unhealthy chemicals.
We use antibacterial products to clean our hands and surfaces of bacteria that can cause colds or flu. Used in pump bottles for a quick hand wash, or on treated cloths to clean surfaces, these items are very popular during flu season. However, once these products are washed down the sink, a common ingredient found in them, called triclosan goes on to pollute lakes and streams as it winds its way through the water table.
Although scientific studies have proven that soaps containing triclosan are no more effective at preventing infectious desease than plain soap and water, use of this chemical is becoming more and more widespread. Triclosan is now found in various household products such as mounthwashes, shaving creams, toothpastes ,deodorant ,kitchen utensils,and even children’s toys.
In fact, 95 percent of triclosan use occurs in households, where it is eventually washed down residential drains and in to wastewater treatment plants. Only one quarter of triclosan is treated and broken down. The other 75 percent resists treatment and goes directly in to steams, rives and lakes-and back into the water we drink.
The safest option to avoid these kind pollutants would be to use natural products. You can look for natural disinfectants or natural sanitizers. Vinegar, baking soda and castile soap are just a few natural options.
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