Friday, June 14, 2013

Help Africa!

How would you feel knowing that the water you drink, may be your last drink? People in Africa take these risks everyday. Many Village women have to walk miles and miles away from their homes just for water that is contaminated and not pure for consumption but It is the only source they have, so they must use it or go without and we all know that is not possible for long. If they were to go without water, they would be open to a wide range of diseases, and within two to three days they would die. American’s use clean water to bathe, drink, cook with, water lawns, and wash cars, and much more. But, many Africans are dying just by drinking this polluted water. They may be from a different culture and country, but they run the same human race. We need to help, or some Africans may not be running the race of life much longer.

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