Friday, June 7, 2013

Time For Gardening

Time to build a nice garden with colorful flowers and different vegetables. Spring is the time to start your gardening. For many of us gardening is one of our biggest hobbies. It is difficult to ask you to give up your gardening hobby but we all have to be aware of the global water crisis. Here are eight tips to help you build a nice garden and a better world. 

Here are eight tips to minimize water usage:

  1. Use Mulch (or use waste like dry leaves and grass clippings) in your garden. 
  2. Make a smaller lawn
  3. Plant things that are native to your climate
  4. Turn off the sprinkler. Sprinklers waste a lot of water. 
  5. Collect rain water, and then use it in your garden.
  6. Water when temperatures are lower. In the morning or in the evening you can water your garden. 
  7. Evaluate your watering techniques. Watering little and frequently is not good for your garden. 
  8. Use plants that need little water. 

You can enjoy your garden all summer long while saving 30% of water usage. 

Think wise live wise. 

For more information please read the articles. 

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