Friday, June 7, 2013

When water comes, everything changes...


We often take it for granted that a cool glass of refreshing water is available to us whenever we feel thirsty. However, in some parts of the world, this is not the case.
This video shows clearly what access to water means to many villages in Africa and other developing parts of the world. Safe water and sanitation close to people’s homes bring far reaching and wide ranging benefits which extend way beyond the expected improvements to health and the reduction in time spent collecting water. This can ultimatley mean children are able to spend more time in school, increased education, particularly of girls, is accepted as a key means of breaking the cycle of poverty.
The benefits extend over all areas of peoples lives – from health and schooling through to work and income generating activities, better family and community relations and improved nutrition.
Communities have reported the following benefits arising from water, sanitation projects:
·       Fewer deaths from water-related diseases
·       Better health
·       Less money spent on medical treatment
·       More time
·       Less fatigue
·       Empowerment of women and marginalised groups
·       More schooling
·       More teachers accepting positions in schools
·       More farming
·       Better diet
·       Increase in family income
·       Less money spent on water from vendors
·       Families being able to spend more time together
·       Cleaner living environment
·       Better housing
·       More family planning
·       Ability to plan for the future
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