Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dont Litter!

Littering is not only illegal but also very dangerous to the environment. It is important to learn about proper disposal to prevent soil contamination. Plastic, metals, papers and glass can all be recycled, it they are not then they can just sit there waiting to decompose and release DEHA which can leak into the soil and can reach plants. Newspaper specially can be harmful; the ink in the paper can be toxic to the soil.  Improperly disposing of garbage can lead to a lot of soil contamination, from large industrial company, to restaurants to just normal house hold garbage; they all need to be disposed of appropriately. Specifically industrial companies that need to waste need to keep in mind of the hazardous waste that they are not disposing of properly because it could lead to toxicity, reactivity, ignitability and corrosivity. Improper littering can harm the crop and plant and lead to sickness in humans who come in contact with these plants, also it can harm the growth of the plants all together. The chemicals in the garbage can affect growth or expansion of plants leading to extinction of some types of agriculture.  Along with affecting the plants, bad disposal habits can also lead to soil fertility which would have negative affects if it was used to produce fruits and vegetables. The solution for Land pollutions for the simple population is to make people more aware of recycling, reusing and reducing waste. Reducing pesticides exposures to the soil, avoid buying packaging items, buying biodegradable products, dispose of motor oil and household hazardous waste to a recycling center and also make sure your car is tuned so it does not leak oil. Spread the word so next time when you or your neighbor think of the affect its having. 

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