Thursday, March 5, 2015

From Garbage to Garden!

When tackling an issue such as soil contamination, one might feel far too inferior to truly have any effect. Alas, there is hope and there is several ways for you to make a positive impact on this issue. One major way you can become a part of the soil contamination prevention and remediation wave is by composting. What may seem like a somewhat daunting task, is actually a relatively simple task which can have outstanding effects on soil, especially for those who enjoy gardening.
By creating your very own composting system, not only can you build healthy, organic soil for which to plant a garden, you can also help prevent buildup within landfills throughout the world. Compost can also act as an erosion  and turf loss deterrent for water embankments and hillsides. Have you ever noticed how many golf courses maintain that beautiful, thick, green grass? Ever get a little envious? Many courses choose to nourish their soil and greenery with compost in order to achieve that gorgeous look, and you can too!
Added by: Kristina West

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