Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ways to save our soil

Contaminants in soil can impact the health of animals and humans when in contact. Soil contamination can either be solid or liquid hazardous substances that are physically or chemically mixed to soil particles.  The causes of contamination in the soils are usually from spills or water washes that come from an area that has hazardous substances. Animals, plants, and humans are all affected by these contaminants through contact, ingestion, and inhalation. There are several ways in which the prevention of soil contamination can be treated. One example is soil excavation that involves chemicals and buried debris to be removed. If the excavated soil is disposed in a landfill, it will be placed directly in the dump truck or may be put on plastic tarps to prevent wind and rain from blowing or washing it away and to keep others from coming in contact with the contaminated soil. Treatment approaches include flushing contaminants out of the soil using chemical solvents, natural organisms in the soil to break them down, or adding material to the soil to prevent them from spreading.


By: Kim Carpio

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