Friday, March 20, 2015

In Conclusion

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Or rather, our time maintaining this blog has come to a close. And yet, before we go, we must remember what we have learned, what we have accomplished, and most importantly: what we have left behind for future readers.

This term, we've focused upon the very real issue of soil contamination. It has been our mission to explore, explain, experience, and discuss this global issue. We've created a wide variety of blog posts with the hope of giving our readers a fair background on the subject. As a class, we came together to create a website dedicated to soil contamination. We used our research and our talents not only to maintain this blog, but also to create something that we are truly proud of.

And yet, none of this would be possible without the hardworking students who undertook this task. It is only appropriate, then, that we take the time to thank them for their dedication and effort.

Coordination Group:

Hanna Bernhard
Hayley Johnson

Erin Kashuba *

Amber Page

Dipita Thapa

Content Development Group:

Hanna Bernhard*

Kimberly Carpio

Amber Page *

Amanda Huss

Erin Kashuba

Daniel West

Kristina West
Technical Group:

Ashley Wheeler*

Marketing Group:

William Baker

Hayley Johnsen*

Michael Nguyen

Ashley Wheeler

Client/Liason Group:

Alana Chan

Maryah Jackson*

Abdulaziz Mohammed Rahimpoor

Alexandra Painter

Di Wang

Daniel West*

Kristina West*
Creative Group:

William Baker*

Kimberly Carpio*

Alana Chan*

Amanda Huss*

Maryah Jackson

Tessa Millhollin*

Michael Nguyen*

Amber Page

Alexandra Painter*

Abdulaziz Mohammed Rahimpoor*

Dipita Thapa*

Di Wang*

Ashley Wheeler*

Although we must pass the blog reigns onto a new class of eager students, we leave behind this blog as a resource to readers and future students. Please visit our website, Dirty Soil, to find out how you can help reduce soil contamination right from your own home. For more information about other environmental issues, you can visit our archives to explore past term projects, or follow this blog for a new issue each and every term.

It has been a pleasure to learn alongside you. Thank you for your continued time and support.

Class of Winter 2015

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