Saturday, June 5, 2010

10 Ways to Conserve Soil

No one can hide the fact that we get our daily resources from the soil the article provides 10 steps in order to conserve soil and by that will result in benefiting the community as a whole. Those steps are:
Plant trees, TerracesNo-till farming, Contour ploughing, Crop rotation, Soil pH, Water the soil, Salinity management, Soil organisms, Indigenous Crops.
I would suggest contacting two parties the first and most important are the local community who are affected directly from any harm in its soil; the local community would take actions with trying implementing those strategies. A second and important party would be contacting major corporations that are mostly concerned about the environment. Those 10 steps should be presented to them and then they will take actions that should benefit that environment.

By Yousef Alomran


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