Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to Protect Animals when recycling plastics

How to Protect Animals when recycling plastics

Recycling cans, paper, plastic and bottles is an important thing that we can do to protect our environment. By taking the time to collect these items and putting them out for them to be collected and reused, we can leave a smaller footprint upon the earth. If you keep your recycle bin outside you should be aware that animals may be attracted by the smell of food if containers have not been thoroughly cleaned. I walk my dogs every morning. On one particular trash collection morning I noticed a plastic peanut butter jar lying on the ground. The trash collection trucks had already stopped on my street. So, I picked up the jar and took it to my house where I dropped it in my bin, not thinking much about it. Bear in mind that I keep my recycle bin outside in a fenced in area with the garbage cans. 
A day or so later I noticed what I believe to be the same jar, only this time it had been partially chewed away. Again, I picked it up and took it to my bin. The next day I found it in the neighbors yard. This time it was half eaten away. At this point I realized that because there was still a small amount of peanut butter in the jar some animal was trying to eat it's way to the peanut butter. This time I picked up the jar and put it in my garbage can, which has a locking lid.

By: Abdulaziz Aljasser

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