Thursday, June 10, 2010

Think about it before you throw your computer in the dump!!!

These days’ computers are on the rise to be easier outdated than ever before.  I personally have been through 2 laptops in the past year and the latest one I have isn’t up to par with all the new essential things I need to do.  Some of the essential things I would like to be able to do, are things such as gaming on the PC and to be able to watch movies directly to my TV with an HDMI cable.  On the other hand throwing junk out like obsolete computers seems to be the most common junk that is being thrown out these days. says that “at least 90 percent of the 315 million still-functional personal computers discarded in North America in 2004 were trashed.”  To me that number is incredibility surprising, Instead we can find people who are less fortunate, so they can at least use computers to be able to type or even browse the internet.  This is what I did, when my family had gotten new LCD monitors in place for our CRT monitors Instead of dumping them away through garbage sites I took them to Goodwill and donated them, plus I got money back when I filed my taxes through the donation section.      

Jesse Kim

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