Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blu-ray is the new King

First it was VHS now DVDs, what next Blu-ray? To beat out DVDs as the new standard it is amazing how fast Blu-ray has made such a huge impact on the electronic market. This new equipment will cost us just a little more, but I am completely confident that the Blu-ray will completely take over as the new standard (it will eventually get there). In this case we can view the Blu-ray system as being something that is a built in planned obsolescence because the Blu-ray player actually is a pretty intelligent system. If we pop in a DVD into the Blu-ray system we can notice that the DVD is actually being enhanced, so the picture and sound quality is better. Not only will the Blu-ray player enhance DVDs, but if there is firmware update on the device, consumers can actually upgrade through the internet because the Blu-ray system has an ethernet outlet on the back to be able to update their systems to eventually get the maximum potential out of their players. This makes it easier for the consumer to be able to update it instead of buying a new one each and every time something new comes out. When throwing away DVD players to the dump site it will cause a negative impact towards our environment, so instead of going through more DVD players because they're only suppose to last for some fixed years and wasting your money there, I would highly encourage someone to buy a Blu-ray player, especially if you already have a high definition TV.

by Jesse Kim

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