Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Benefits of Plastics Recycling: Why Recycle Plastics?

Plastics are used to manufacture an incredible number of products we use every day, such as beverage and food containers, trash bags and grocery bags, plastic cups and utensils, children's toys and diapers, and bottles for everything from mouthwash and shampoo to glass cleaner and dishwashing liquid. And that's not even counting all the plastic that goes into furniture, appliances, computers and automobiles.

So many products that we use every day relies on plastic in their manufacturing. For example, the computer you are working on, it only needs you to look what is your surroundings and you will find out that it is mostly made of plastic almost everything. However, the concern is there is so much of it that producing more would only mean harming the environment more.

So the question comes to what will plastic recycling benefit the community? The environment? The article provides a couple of benefits, and those are:

Recycling Plastics Conserves Energy and Natural Resources
Recycling Plastics Saves Landfill Space
Recycling Plastics is Relatively Easy
Plastics Recycling: Room for Improvement

Numbers shows that In 2008, only 6.8% of plastics in the public solid waste were recycled—about 2.1 million tons of the 30 tons of plastic waste generated that year. This requires action, and from the people and the companies that leave their chemical, which plastic is most of it, waste in the soil resulting in more damage.

Yousef Alomran


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