Thursday, June 10, 2010

The most irritating thing we buy for our printers!!!

When it comes to printers I believe that most companies usually build their printers quite well for the most part. Then there are those accessories and the things we must buy in order to be able to operate our printers. What I’m talking about is those ink cartridges, those ink cartridges can cost a lot when you know you have to at least replace it three times a year. It gets really annoying, for me I just take advantage of the schools lab and print my things out at school. For those who are less fortunate and who are not students I wonder what they do. More importantly what happens to all the empty cartridges? I remember a few years ago back when Office Depot use to give packages of new blank printing paper. That incentive is long gone now, but if they created that kind of program again I would be completely confident that program would succeed. According to, “empty cartridges pollute the land and water table”. The resources are there for people to use, recycling programs that enable us to use at an easy and affordable cost. Business like Hewlett Packard are starting to take used cartridges and build more enhanced cartridges that last longer and more inexpensive towards the consumer. One of the most surprising things I got from this was that some organizations that receive cartridges through recycling even plant a tree for each one they receive. These are the programs we need to take advantage of. More importantly what people don’t know is that the companies that recycle ink cartridges are using less energy and less oil needed to recreate cartridges. Before we actually go out there and throw it away (ink cartridge) we must find by any means possible a program that not only helps us as a consumer, but more importantly the environment.

Jesse Kim

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  1. Good points on the ink cartridges. Another thing to do is think twice before printing - how much can be done on the screen before going to print?

    - RB