Friday, June 11, 2010

In Style

Evan Kinto

    For my last blog I wanted to chose something that had to do with clothes. All of the different apparels we as people wear and how things can become outdated so fast. That is, what the companies know and thrive off of that we the people will migrate to different styles of clothes. Whether it be because of the seasonal change or that it just isn’t in style anymore.
    One thing that is for sure we don’t need to switch our attire when each season comes and goes. We don’t need to have separate attires for each period of the year. Back in the day there couldn’t have been more then two or three different types of outfits to chose from whether or not it was summer or winter. Now a days people are so diverse that they feel they need to be different from one another and chose to have multiple outfits some that may not even make any sense.
    Overall planned obsolescence is a garbage idea unless I am the CEO of the company who will be making millions of dollars. In that case I feel like I probably would be able to get over it and enjoy my money because life is short and one man cannot change the things in life that are not fair but if we all get together then maybe we have a chance.

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