Sunday, June 6, 2010

Artistic use of old products-

By: Dan Flatten

Planned obsolescence is something that everyone should be working against, but sometimes it can't be stopped entirely. Every effort to make companies more accountable for their actions is a good start, and legislation is a one of the best ways to do this. Hopefully these initiative can slow or even stop it, but for the time being, planned obsolescence is real and a very big problem we face in society.

Recycling is another way we can cushion the impact of these quickly expired products on our environment. Reusing existing material is excellent, but not everything can be recycled, and getting everyone to recycle proves to be the hardest thing to do. Many people think outside the box though and have found other uses for their obsolete products in forms of beautiful and appreciated art! Although it's not reusing or stopping companies from producing purposely defective products, it at least put them to use in other ways keeping them out of landfills.

People have used old computers in a variety of artistic ways, and others have used things like old washing machines or even old television sets. They provide the means to produce visually pleasing pieces of art for people to appreciate and can also be a means to make statements as well. So by using old material, artists can make statements about planned obsolescence, further getting people involved and changing minds of the people in our society.

The next time you're having trouble finding use for an old product, and there isn't an option to recycle it, think outside the box and use the right side of your brain to create a work of art. Take that even further, and use that art to make a statement about the irresponsible corporations making inferior products to making planned obsolescence a thing of the past.

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