Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coal Slurry Kills Wildlife

Coal Slurry Kills Wildlife

What happens when a society is driven by coal fired power plants? What happens to the thousands of individuals who live and breath the air from the coal power plants? What happens to our wildlife, our ecosystem and thousands of harmless animals when coal slurry spills occur?

Sadly, the answer to that question begins and ends with coal. The magically coal, that is so powerful, that it can literally take human lives, destroy ecosystems and endanger thousands of helpless animals. Just in 2010, the State of Ohio had a massive coal slurry spill that took the lives of over 4,300 aquatic animals. Coal slurry spill is caused by the fluid byproduct that is formed once the coal is washed with water and the chemicals that derives from the coal creates the initial stage of the preparation process. When the Coal slurry spill occurs, it becomes nearly impossible for people to stop the spill from going into the rivers and oceans.

According to the American Energy Corp when the coal slurry spill occurred in southern Belmont County, in 2008, thousands of endangered hellbender salamanders, frogs and fish were killed. Not only the water was black and toxic for aquatic animals, but the ecosystems and rocks were stained by the gooey black substance.

Over the last decade coal slurry spills have become an incident that is not as rare as one may believe. Thousands of wildlife and human beings across the nations have be dramatically affected, hurt, injured and even killed due to coal pollutants and especially coal slurry spills. Take for instance, the Kingston Fossil Plant in Roane County, Tennessee, in 2008, spilled over 300 million gallons of coal slurry. The spill blackened nearly 100 miles of waterways and killed countless fish and wildlife.

Needless to say, coal slurry spills occur more common than we, the people, realize and it definitely brings realization to the surface - that clean coal is not that clean as we may be led to believe.

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By: Rebeca Petean

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