Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Time is Now

We have come to a point in our existence where we must all start making conscious choices to change how we do things. We must begin our strides towards more sustainable practices. It is officially scary when you look at the facts. The ozone is depleting. Our natural resources are running out. Species are going extinct. The way we produce food has become mechanized.  And the list goes on…

The global population is only getting larger and there is still the huge push for modernization and technology, which only perpetuates the continuous expansion of our urban areas. The bigger the better mentality runs through the veins of us all.  Though change is something that most of us humans do not care for, change at this point is necessary. Believe me I know, change is difficult. It is so much easier to continue what we have been doing for centuries.  Out of sight out of mind is so much easier right? Well unfortunately, the time is now.  Time is not on our side with this one. We have already gotten to where many things cannot be undone. How many irreversible effects are we all going to witness before we stand up and move in the direction that we all need to move in?

I get it, this isn’t something that can happen over night. It’s about the baby steps.  We all need to start making the effort.  Get in a habit of walking or biking instead of driving. Turn off your lights and unplug your gadgets when they are not being used. Switch your energy bill to something that’s renewable. Get informed. Get involved. Be part of the movement that it taking strides towards a more sustainable future.

By Taylor Hughes

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