Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Running Out of Time

Its funny to think about what you would actually do if we finally ran out of fossil fuels for our transportation, our electricity and everything in between. No one thinks about it, maybe because no one really cares or that it will not happen in this generation but maybe 150 to 200 years from now when we have passed away. Is there no more humanity left in our society where we consciously think about our future and the repercussions of our actions for future generations? The reality is that we've reached our peaks of fossil fuels, in fact, the U.S. passed its peak of coal production in 1998.

So unfortunately the idea of us running out of fossil fuels after we pass away and leaving it up to future generations to deal with is probably most likely not going to happen to us. Researchers are predicting that our global peak for coal production will be around 2020 after the global peaks of oil and gas. Its time to start taking action now and to push for alternative energy solutions for this generation so that we can pave the way for the new future of green, clean energy.
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By Cathlean Ravinski

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