Thursday, August 11, 2011

Many people are disappointed by the insufficient federal government support of natural gas cars

 Natural gas is growing in popularity, and is becoming a major energy source for consumers. Even in homes, the gas is pumped through an underground network pipeline. Natural gas cars have the advantage of producing substantially lower pollution emissions than gasoline-run cars. Green reports that natural gas vehicles can actually reduce carbon monoxide emissions by almost 90 percent.  The support for natural gas cars is growing among individuals and companies. Among individuals, for example, there is a big the support and funding from people like oil investor T. Boone Pickens for natural gas cars. Companies such as Honda and AT&T have also turned to natural gas cars.  Some states and local governments have joined the efforts too.  However, the federal government support for natural gas cars seems to be very disappointing. The Department of Energy has just joined the group of supporters with $50 million conditional loan commitment for a startup called The Vehicle Production Group (VPG). This is very disappointing given all the advantages of natural gas cars. The federal government needs to step in and play a major role in the efforts to promote natural gas cars. To read more about this topic, please visit
Shafi AlHajri


  1. Why would we want to turn to yet another fossil fuel? This only prolongs the problem. And look at the environmental costs of fracking to get the methane. Renewable energy powered electric vehicles are a much better idea.

  2. Shafi, Please see this post by Taylor