Monday, August 8, 2011

Geothermal Demand On Rise

In an effort to constantly find cleaner renewable energy options, geothermal energy has demand on the rise.  Geothermal energy is cleaner and more efficient than any fossil fuel.  While industry analysts claim that demand is high, geothermal energy only accounts for 1% of the heating and cooling industry.  The demand is expected to create double the volume of geothermal energy by the year 2017.  It is about time that we embrace new and unique alternatives to fossil fuels.  These alternative energy sources have grown slowly due to awareness and financial issues.  However, as the cost of fossil fuels continues to increase and new regulations are set forth, alternative energy like geothermal is expected to gain traction.  We as consumers must educate ourselves to be aware of the harmful effects of fossil fuels.  We must learn as much as possible so that we can find alternatives and commit to them in an effort to change the environment for years to come.  Hopefully, the resources you find on this blog will educate us to make sound decisions regarding our future. 

-Rob Beech

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