Monday, August 8, 2011

Consumer Consequences

Consumer Consequences

Here’s something to think about! Take the Consumer Consequences Quiz to find out your living lifestyle, how it impacts the world and what would happen if everyone lived the way you?

This quiz brings inspiration, innovation and realistic facts in the way we live our lives, whether we continue to contribute to coal fired plants that cause pollution, or whether we bring change to the earth around us for an alternative green, cleaner lifestyle.

Link for the Consumer Consequences Quiz:

While taking the Consumer Consequences quiz I learned that it takes 3.4 Earths to support a planet living my lifestyle! While, answering the questions for this quiz I was assuming that my final score would aim towards a more utilitarian and eco-friendly approach. After completing the quiz I had the chance to reflect on how I could improve my own individual actions to reduce the impact I create on forests and undeveloped lands just by cutting back on products that are produced by coal fired power plants. By simply eating organic and local foods, waking up earlier and riding my bike to school instead of taking my car and even making a committed effort to conserve energy at home. 

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By Rebeca Petean

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