Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dead Zones trigger sex changes study says

From earlier blog post we come to the understanding of what deadzones are and what happens in them and why are the caused. I would like to discuss something I found out to be very interesting that I found while looking up information on deadzones. I came across this news article that discussed deadzones, but also what happens to some of the fish that are in those dead zones. 

What mainly that is discussed is that of the findings of Rudolf Wu PH.D at City University of Hong Kong. What he finds is that the fish he studied have changed some of there sex characteristics. Overall there were 75percent of fish that have male characteristics. While in a normal ratio it should be 60% male and 40% female. I will post a link to the news article so everyone could look at it.

I find out interesting that this happens in deadzones and that it is not more well known around the world. I feel that we as society should be more informed about this kind of stuff because at the end of the day if this keeps happening with having more male fish then female fish then mating for the fish well go down. Then that will make the fish population go down as well. With that being said we already have a problem with it as it is.

Link to Article

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