Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ocean dead zones double every decade

Many scientists have warned us. Human made pollution is growing number of suffocating dead zones across the world's seas with disastrous consequences for marine life. The number of dead zones has doubled every decade since the late of 1970. The Problems included populations of larger creatures such as fish or lobsters. By killing or stunting the growth of bottom-dwelling organisms, the lack of oxygen denies food to creatures higher up the food chain. Hundreds of regions are critically low oxygen now affect a combined area the size of Taxes and it pose as great a threat to life in the world's oceans as overfishing and habitat loss. Many experts suggested the best solution is to keep fertilizers on the land and out of the sea and manage the way fertilizers is used, No fish can live in the dead zones where fertilizer-polluted rivers dump into the sea. The World governments and public must take the issues seriously. The ocean awareness is something we can no longer afford to ignore. Action now!


             dead zones double every decade

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