Thursday, June 14, 2012

Solutions to Dead Zones

From Youtube user: LawerenceStillYou

Been searching high and low and all over the internet for an amusing video that can provide another way of explaining what dead zones are - and I found one! I discovered this short stop motion animation clip on Youtube and not only is it entertaining, but it explicitly explains what a dead zone is without any fancy scientific jargon! 

However, what the video doesn’t provide is a solution to dead zones. The simplest solution (although it’s been the most difficult to implement) is keeping our waters clean.

Some solutions might be:
- Reducing/Eliminating the run-off of fertilizer sediment from nearby farms. This solution is arguable the most difficult to attain because farmers rely heavily on fertilizer for their farms. But by reducing the amount of fertilizer used and only using what the soil can absorb can make a big difference in what is poured into the oceans.
- Better handling of chemical releases from factories and farms. The chemicals end up getting washed away into the nearby waters, creating more harm for the marine life.
- Take care of the environment. This can look like many things whether it’s spreading more awareness of the issue, donating or volunteering with an organization, by taking action we can continue saving the marine life in our oceans as well as build for a cleaner environment in the future.


- Luann Algoso

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