Sunday, June 3, 2012

Public Transportation

Being that I attend Portland State University and the school is located in downtown portland public transportation is an easy way to get to and from school. Now personally I don't use the public transportation to get to school anymore because I live an hour away now. I once did use the system. I felt that using the public transportation was very helpful. 

When I was I actually felt good about myself because I was saving a lot of money not driving to school and having to deal with the traffic headaches that come with downtown traffic. Then also when your using the public transportation your lowing the greenhouse gas emissions. Then also you could even walk to school if you live downtown. The good thing about portland is that you can even bike to school too. 

i was talking to one of my old community college teachers and she was giving me some interesting facts about how it helps to drive less. The main thing that stuck with me is that every mile that a regular car drives it produces a pound of exhaust waste with carbon dioxide. I will post a link to a website that will tell you how much less you can pollute the environment by driving less.

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