Saturday, June 9, 2012

What can we do?

One of the biggest contributors to oceanic dead zones is synthetic fertilizer, which is used
primarily on industrial farms in industrialized countries. Reducing the use of these fertilizers,
using alternative organic options like manure or compost and implementing farming methods like no-tillage and contour cropping would help to reduce runoff by allowing the soil to absorb more water and nutrients. The preservation and restoration of costal wetlands would also provide a natural filter of sorts for the ocean by removing some of the excess nutrients before they reach the ocean and have deleterious effects on the local wildlife.

As countries throughout the world continue to industrialize, this issue becomes more and more severe. Countries that have experience farming an industrial scale will be the models for these nascent industrial farmers and should set an example by utilizing sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices so that this problem doesn’t get worse before it gets better. To immediately help reduce or prevent this deadly phenomenon one can start buying/growing organic products, lobbying local and pertinent legislators/representatives to implement cleaner and safer industrial farming practices, using phosphate-free detergent and using as few household cleaning products as possible.

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