Saturday, June 16, 2012

Five things you can do this summer to help the Earth and have fun!

1.            Grow a garden! It's prime time for growing gardens! I've already started mine and my onions are going crazy with this recent warm water! It's not that difficult and if you grow your food instead of buying it from the grocery story you are reducing gas consumption. It takes a good amount of fuel to ship all that produce to stores. Just think if everyone grew their own produce?

2.            Go to the beach with your friends and pick up trash! You know that Tsunami that Hit Japan? Well all that debris is now washing up on Oregon shores along with all the other bits and pieces that beach goers leave behind. Who knows, you might save a fishes life!                

3.            Go fishing for Pikeminnows in the Columbia river! The Oregon department of fish and wildlife pays a bounty of $4-$8 dollars per pikeminnow a person catches because of their negative effects on salmon and steelhead populations!  You're catching dinner and getting paid for it!

4.            Go camping and leave no trace behind! Campers can easily effect the wildlife surrounding them, even more so if they leave trash and food behind. Pick up after yourself when you are camping and be sure to not leave metals and plastics behind. They change the landscape and really do make a pretty forest look like trash.  

5.            Bike more, Drive less. There is nothing like the smell of hot pavement, gasoline, and tare in 90 degree weather. Instead of going for a cruise with your friends, go for a bike ride! You will save gas and get some good exercise. 

-Richard Jossy 

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