Sunday, June 3, 2012

Generations will Suffer

With this blog I want to talk about the problem we have in our society today. That is the problem of over fishing that some our doing. There are rules and regulations, but law enforcement can't keep an eye on everybody because they don't have the man power to do that. It all has to do with the personal individual to see if they are going to follow the rules of if they are not. 

I could tell you many different statistics about how people over fish in our society, but I think that won't get the point across that well. The main issue I have with over fishing is that when people over fish they don't see the affect if will have on our future population. Other blogs have some of the stats to show. If we look it as if we over fish parents and children won't have the ability to share the experience of catching that first fish.

Catching your first fish with your mom or dad is something that will always be with you and you would want to show your kids one day how to fish. If they aren't enough fish rules and regulations we get more strict and going fishing as a family might now be possible anymore. 

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