Monday, June 11, 2012

The Issue of Poaching

This past week I was going through the channels and I came apron a show called "Wild Justice" that was on the national geographic channel. I watched the show and I came away with a lot of useful information. The people on the show is talking about poaching. Which is illegally taking of wild plants and or animals. There is many different types of poaching like killing a dear that isn't legal and or when it's not in season to kill. The people who are in charged of helping protect them are California game wardens. I would highly recommend everyone watch the show if you are interested learning more.

Now the issue of poaching is not just hurting one type of wildlife it's hurting many different types of wildlife. It hurts the deer. Then also it hurts the crab's when they are hunted or captured during mating season. Some animals are killed illegally so that parts of them can be sold for cash on the black market. The thing that gets me the most is that more poaching id done to endanger species that those that are not endangered. Like for example with Rhinos that's becoming more and more popular. Now this staticts are from Africa but still poaching is poaching.  

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