Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Asteroid Dust Helping to Prevent Global Warming?

By Ryan Marx

While some of us associate asteroids with the end of the world, these rocky satellites could actually be helping the earth prevent global warming.

Instead of altering the climate by targeting either the oceans or the atmosphere, some researchers have suggested re-engineering projects that would affect the entire planet from space, according to LiveScience.  Scottish scientists believe an asteroid could be maneuvered into position before a cloud of dust is blasted from the surface.  This is because an asteroid has its own gravitational pull, the dust would then be anchored in place.

So, by blasting a hole in one of these asteroids, it would create giant clouds of dust which would act as sunscreen for the planet, which would stay in place due to gravity.   This would take remarkable engineering and scientific knowledge to not only find an asteroid, but to find one that will always be parallel with us and the sun.  Still, this idea should spark others to invent further solutions in outer space for the climate change issue.

This information makes me think:  Are there other solutions in space that could help prevent climate change?  What do you think?

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