Thursday, March 21, 2013

Water Pollution

By Ibrahim Alhamad 

Fresh water is necessary for life, but now it has become a scarce-commodity and it is getting scarcer everyday as communi­ties, industries and agriculturists discharge their filth, muck and harmful wastes into the nearest sink. There are many sources of water pollution. Firstly community wastes for human settlements give rise to water pollution. Contrary to common belief, it has been estimated that the community wastes account for four times as much wastewater as industrial effluents. Most of these wastes are discharged into the water sources. Secondly industrial effluent directly entering into a stream, through a municipal sewer, or through discharge on land meant for irrigation causes water pollution. Thirdly Human wastes may cause pollution by seepage from improperly constructed or improperly placed septic tanks, or leaking sewer lines. Industrial wastes, including highly poisonous chemicals, may be introduced to the groundwater either by intention or accident.

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