Saturday, March 16, 2013

Recycling: Endless Opportunities
by LaFreda Ceaser
Recycling is a simple way for anyone to participate in fighting against climate change.  Waste prevention and recycling reduce greenhouse gases associated with these activities by reducing methane emissions, saving energy, and increasing forest carbon sequestration. 
Finding out how to recycle is simple as well.  Completing a Google search with key words such as “Find out ways to recycle” one would be greeted with a list websites to learn from.  Anyone can find out how to recycle items such as light bulbs, household furniture, glass, paper, etc.  

Recycling is everyone’s responsibility and it is easy to start taking responsibility by starting a recycling program at work.  One can start recycling at home by simply separating your food waste from your paper waste.  Needless to say there are endless opportunities to recycle. 

The means to recycle almost anything is catching the attention of so many people especially with the increase awareness and concern regarding climate change.  Who would think that music would be impacted by recycling?  Recycling has become a musical art form for band members Recycled Percussion.  This band is a power percussion group that uses alternative ways of making music.  They use ladders, pots, pans, and buckets.  They were inspired by a musician who made music by drumming on a bucket.  Since then the group has used everything from the kitchen sink to power tools to construct musical instruments. 
Finding ways to recycle is actually easy and is everyone’s responsibility.  Finding what works for you is where you can start to make a difference.  Perhaps musical instruments are not your thing, but you might enjoy candle making or building tables from recycled furniture.  Whatever interests you it is important to find a cause and enjoy the endless opportunities around you to address climate change.

To find a recycling center near you go to  Also, enjoy music by Recycled Percussion!


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