Friday, March 22, 2013

The Debate over Genetically Engineered Foods

With the climate changing worldwide and more-and-more low crop yields as of recently, the argument for and against genetically engineered (GE) food is becoming more heated than ever. The topic of GE food lacks no shortage of issues related to it, but our food security and health are two of the issues at the frontlines that get a lot of attention – and for good reason. Our ability to grow food in a sustainable way that will feed populations around the world, but also support the farmers who do it is important and worth debating. The health risks that are often associated with using genetically modified foods is something that could potentially touch every individual on the planet, so it makes sense that it’s such a highly contested subject. But trying to figure out which side of the argument is right is no easy task. There are a variety of different opinions on the topic and it’s important to analyze them to understand where we’re at now and what lies ahead.

Here are two interesting articles with opposing takes on the GE food debate:

There are many difference stances to take on genetically engineered food. Our health is intimately connected to the food we eat and it’s important that we do more research to find out the effects GE foods have in humans. Completely banning GE food could prove to be costly, especially with the current patterns of climate change. With increased droughts and more arid soils, GE foods might be the solution to feed starving populations. Investing in GE food prematurely, or without doing more research could also be costly. The GE crops could negatively affect Biodiversity, soil conditions and native crops.  These articles prove that efforts are being made to ensure that all parties are accounted for in the debate.

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