Thursday, March 21, 2013

Noise pollution

By Ibrahim alhamad 

During the last twenty years there has been increasing concern with the quality of the environment. Along with air and water contaminants, noise pollution has been recognized as a serious pollutant. As noise levels have risen. The effects of noise have become more apparent. Noise is defined as unwanted sound. Noise has adverse effects on people and the environment. Noise causes hearing loss, interferes with human activities at home and work, and is in various ways dangerous to people's health and well being. Studies show that over forty percent of Americans are disturbed at home or lose sleep because of noise pollution. Such as Aircraft noise pollution. Most people who work with or near the aircraft have soundproof earplugs that prevent them from the deafening noise of the plane. However, people who reside near the airports or places where aircraft are serviced or repaired have to bear the brunt of aircraft noise. They are the victims of that noise and their suffering has no solutions.


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