Saturday, March 16, 2013

The climate is getting warmer

By Meshal aljabir

There are a lot of evidences that our environmental temperature is getting hot day by day. The global warming is a serious problem for coming generation. Our living standard, industrial development, rapidly increasing automobiles, deforesting, unlimited usages of petroleum and explosion of population all are its reason. There are a number of factors behind climate changing. First, over exploitation of natural resources like petroleum, that creates carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide after burning which observe heat and that is why temperature is getting hotter every year. Secondly, industries wastage of acids and chemicals is very harmful for water creatures as well as human and deforestation. The industries wastage of acid and chemicals is harmful for water creatures. I believe Governments can play important roles; there should be environment department in each country to understand and tackle the problem. Governments should provide more funds to plant new trees that maintain the balance of our nature. Biggest problem is air pollution, which, should be over come by applying new roles and methods. Government ought to deploy campaign to motivate riding of bicycle and pedestrian walking on foot.


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